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The Ghana Association of Hampton Roads
What is GHASHAR ?


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Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to increase the popularity of our common interests. We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to have fun while when we are together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, the organization will become even stronger.

Our Mission

Ghashar believes that its survival rests on its ability to interact with other social groups in the United States in a way that promotes respect for itself, integrity, decency and honesty among its membership, and its ability to maintain harmony, human dignity and spirituality among all peoples of the world.

Therefore, The mission of GHASHAR are as follows:

1. To bring its members together in unity of mind and action.

2. To create social and economic projects that will maintain the high motivation of its members.

3. To support economic activities that will enable its members to participate honorably in the free market system in the United States of America and in Ghana.

4. To organize occasional seminars, workshops and lectures that will enrich its membership and extend individuals's intelectual horizons and spiritual borders.

5. To institute social and cultural practices and methods that will address issues of stress and emotional/psychological conflict as consequences of the free market system.

6. To promote Ghanain culture and foster a sense of African spiritual values among all peoples everywhere.

Ghashar * P. O. Box 286 * Hampton * VA * 23669